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Our seed paper is completely eco-friendly as no tree has been used to make it.

100% Recycle

These seed paper can be recycled easily as it is completely eco-friendly

handmade color seed paper sheets

Handmade Paper

From making our seed paper to putting the seeds in it, the whole process is done by hand.

tree free paper

Our seed paper is completely tree free as it is made from recycled waste cloth.

Customers Using Our Seed Paper

Euphoric Handmade Seed Papers are amazing as their seed paper is made by hand and neither their seeds are filled. And they deliver the order on time
Amelia Sendler
Euphoric papers make great seed paper. These are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Euphoric's seed paper sprouts easily. They have on time delivery
Isla Kunis
Euphoric's paper seed paper quality is very good and their price is also affordable. Their seed paper is made by hand and is tree free.
Mike Sendler
Managing Director

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